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Navy Units and Ships

44. Battle Between the C.S.S. Virginia and the U.S.S. Monitor - Hampton Roads, VA, March 9, 1862

45. U.S.S. St. Louis, First Eads Ironclad Gunboat, Renamed the Baron de Kalb in October 1862

46. Federal Recruiting Poster - Issued at New Berne, NC, November 1863

47. Confederate Ram Atlanta After Being Captured - James River, VA, 1863

48. C.S.S. Alabama, Commerce Raider - Sunk June 19, 1864

49. Ruins of the Navy Yard - Norfolk, VA, December 1864

50. U.S.S. Commodore Perry, a Ferryboat Converted into a Gunboat- Pamunkey River, VA, 1864

51. Gun Crew of a Dahlgren Gun at Drill Aboard the U.S. Gunboat Mendota ñ 1864

52. Sailors and Marines on the Deck of the U.S. Gunboat Mendota - 1864

53. U.S.S. Onondaga, a Double-Turreted Monitor - James River, VA, 1864

54. Captain John A. Winslow (3d from left) and Officers on Board the U.S.S. Kearsarge After Sinking the C.S.S. Alabama - 1864

55. A Union Station on the James River Established for Extracting Gunpowder from Confederate Torpedoes - 1864

56. Confederate Torpedo Boat David Aground - Charleston, SC, 1865

57. C.S.S. Manassas, Armored Ram

254. Deck and Officers of U.S.S. Monitor Catskill, Lieutenant  Commander Edward Barrett Seated on the Turret - Charleston Harbor, SC

463. Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren (fifth from left) and Staff aboard the U.S.S. Pawnee - Charleston Harbor, SC

556. Deck of Confederate Gunboat Teaser, Captured by U.S.S. Maratanza - James River, VA, July 1862

557. Steam Frigate Pensacola - Alexandria, VA, 1861

558. U.S.S. Casco, Light-Draft Monitor - James River, VA

559. Levee and Steamboats - Vicksburg, MS, February 1864

560. Monitor U.S.S. Onondaga - James River, VA, 1864

561. View of Waterfront with Federal Supply Boats - City Point, VA

562. Deck and Turret of U.S.S. Monitor - James River, VA, July 9, 1862

563. Ex-Confederate Iron Clad Ram Stonewall at Anchor - Washington, DC, June 1865

564. Sunken Confederate Ships Virginia (Ram) and Jamestown - James River, VA

565. U.S.S. Monitor Canonicus Taking on Coal from a Schooner - James River, VA

566. Steamer New York Waiting for Exchange of Prisoners - Aiken's Landing, VA

567. Beached Remains of the British-Built Blockade Runner Ruby, Run Aground After Passing the Federal Squadron, June 10-11, 1863 ñ Near Folly Island, SC, February 1865

568. Butler's Dredge Boat, Sunk by a Confederate Shell on Thanksgiving Day, 1864 - James River, VA

680. Schooners Sunk to Obstruct Passage - James River, VA

681. Sailors on Deck of U.S.S. Monitor - James River, VA, July 9, 1862

682. Ruined Buildings at Navy Yard - Norfolk, VA, December 1864

534. Sailors Relaxing on Deck of U.S.S. Monitor - James River, VA, July 1862

A1015. Unidentified Sailor in uniform